Tic-Tac-Toe 4 In A Row


I have attached my favorite math game with the directions.  I have used this game with different fraction operations and percents.  I differentiate this game by numbers 1 and 2 game boards are the appetizer meaning they are pretty easy numbers.  Then 3 and 4 are the main course which is a little more challenging.  Then 5 and 6 is the dessert meaning the hardest.  I let the students choose which game boards they want to play.  My accelerated can’t choose 1 or 2 though.  I really like this game because at first the students just choose two random numbers until they get the hang of the game.  Then after a couple problems, you start to hear them planning out how to “block” the other player or get 4 in a row.






I stole the idea of playing Racko in my classroom from the wonderful @aeakland and her blog http://coefficientsofdeterminations.blogspot.com/ 🙂


Instead of playing Racko as a whole class, I decided to make my own Racko boards from cardboard that I got for free at Jo-Anns Fabric.  I used the cardboard from the center of the material roles and it worked perfectly!  I then cut 8 slits in each of them.  I figured for my accelerated math they could order 8 rational numbers and my regular math class could order five.  I laminated all of the playing cards so they are easier to slide in the cardboard.  I plan on making more cards for when I teach positive and negative numbers on a number line.