I totally got this idea from Pinterest and just made it my own. Each square has a picture of a job on it for example a stack of books for the librarian. Then below the picture just like apps I wrote what the job was. I left two blank squares “apps” open to put notecards in there. Each square is a pocket. Every student in my “advisory” class will have a notecard that rotates around the jobs each week. Some weeks students wont have a job.


Sunday Funday #1

1st Day / 1st Week Activities

1. Procedures: I have a paper with my class procedures on it that I go through with all of my classes.  Then the students have a place where they sign stating that they understand the procedures.  I make a copy of the papers they signed.  This way they get a copy and so do I.

2.  Name Game:  5 different schools feed into the middle school that I work at.  Therefore, I play a name game with them.  I give the students 1 minute to think of a word that describes them and starts with the first letter of their first name.  Examples:  Crazy Cooper,  Magnificent Miss. Martin

3.  Lockers:  This year I am in charge of locker duties for my team.  I am going to have my students bring their locks into the room and watch this video.  http://www.schooltube.com/video/7500148465389dfb0b3f/How%20to%20Open%20a%20Lock

4.  Emergency Procedures:  I go over the emergency procedures with the students and then I put together a Jeopardy game that they play on the SmartBoard.